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In this article, we will see the role of the Emurgo company in Cardano. For each company you will find the relevant article below.

Cardano is respectively the son of three companies:

  1. Article about the companies that make up Cardano: introductory article to the Cardano ecosystem and the companies that it consists of.
  2. Article on Cardano Foundation: defines itself as a non-profit organization based in Zug, Switzerland, whose main purpose is to standardize, protect and promote the Cardano protocol technology, regulate its financial relationships, government agencies, and develop strategic partnerships with other projects.
  3. Article on IOHK: Input Output Hong Kong is an engineering and technology company founded by Jeremy Wood and Hoskinson. IOHK is engaged in the research and development of ADA cryptocurrency and is bound by a contract with the Cardano Foundation. It is the platform’s main developer, which academically researches and implements updates such as the recent algorithm of consent called Ouroboros.

Introduction: the role of Emurgo company in Cardano

Charles Hoskinson is the one who is 2015 gave life to the Cardano platform first and, subsequently, to the three distinct organizations belonging to the same project: Cardano Foundation, IOHK, and Emurgo. Cardano runs through the Cardano Foundation, a non-profit organization created to standardize, promote and protect the technology of this platform, while the IOHK company was established to implement its research and development. Emurgo was founded with the goal of developing and supporting commercial initiatives based on Cardano.

A window on Emurgo

Emurgo Global is the commercial branch of Cardano’s Proof of Stake blockchain project, registered in Tokyo since June 2017 and in Singapore since May 2018, which develops and supports commercial initiatives based on the Cardano platform. Through third-generation blockchain technology, this organization proposes solutions that allow the growth of the Cardano ecosystem on a global level through projects that deal with investments, consultancy, and organizations that aim at the decentralization of this platform. Emurgo was initially limited to the management of investments and the promotion of Cardano and its ecosystem. Then it became a real broad-spectrum tech company.

Emurgo’s blockchain solutions

Emurgo Global, a founding member of Cardano, is currently an enterprise company offering blockchain technology products, i.e. enterprise-grade applications and tools for developers, governments, and businesses in general, as well as investing in startups, providing them with well-rounded blockchain training.

To succeed in this, Emurgo uses its experience in the research and development of the Cardano platform through its network of partners around the world. Emurgo has several branches in the United States, Japan, Singapore, India, and Indonesia. The technical research and development team aims to design solutions to add value to business models through the greater efficiency of blockchain technology.

Development fields in which Emurgo operates

Emurgo, in addition to creating blockchain and smart contract solutions, develops further projects starting from ideas, such as, for example, the creation of a technical white paper that includes competitive research that is well suited for use on the web and mobile. The role of Emurgo in Cardano is also to create solutions capable of interfacing with advanced technologies in Blockchain, IoT, and AI data analysis. This wide range of industries came to life as Emurgo staff began welcoming engineers and professionals from Microsoft, Google, Paypal, Yandex, and other highly recognized engineering companies. In addition to the activities carried out in the corporate sector, Emurgo has created a compartment entirely dedicated to school training. Expert blockchain developers have been trained, then indicated as competent high-level professionals, and can explain their activities to the public and private sectors. Currently, educational institutions do not offer training in the field of blockchains; therefore, it is estimated that these specific developers represent less than half the percentage of all software developers in the world; which is why Emurgo has created its training sector, aimed at meeting the huge demand for developers and career professionals capable of building blockchain platforms.

Further Emurgo development fields: app, web, and IT consulting

Emurgo, based on its customer’s needs, has an internal team capable of developing end-to-end web and mobile apps, including user interface / UX design and full-stack web development, including Rust, Haskell, Javascript (ES6), Java, React, React-Native, Swift, Objective-C. But that’s not all; Emurgo provides support to companies and startups that are in the process of planning their IT structure, then through their consultants, they transform and implement the network infrastructures.


We have seen the role of the Emurgo company in Cardano, which was conceived as the commercial branch dependent exclusively on the ADA Cardano platform. Following the exponential development in various sectors (business, financial, and training), Emurgo has become an independent company, able to meet the Cardano platform’s demands and the additional ones of third parties, such as companies, governments, and startups.

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