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In this article, we will look at the role of the Cardano Foundation company. For each company, you will find the relevant article below.

Cardano is respectively the son of three companies:

  1. Article about the companies that make up Cardano: introductory article to the Cardano ecosystem and the companies that it consists of.
  2. Article on IOHK: Input Output Hong Kong is an engineering and technology company founded by Jeremy Wood and Hoskinson. IOHK is engaged in the research and development of ADA cryptocurrency and is bound by a contract with the Cardano Foundation. It is the platform’s main developer, which academically researches and implements updates such as the recent algorithm of consent called Ouroboros.
  3. Article on Emurgo: last entity that participates in the creation of Cardano is Emurgo. This company focuses on the support, incubation, and development of the business initiatives of its partners. Emurgo, based in Japan, is responsible for developing the business around Cardano and is driving its adoption and its ecosystem through commercial initiatives.

Cardano Foundation: the non-profit foundation at the base of Cardano

A large and long-term project like Cardano needs an organization that guarantees its correct functioning. It could not be otherwise: the blockchain ecosystem needs to be monitored constantly to ensure proper efficiency. Regarding Cardano, the foundation that deals with the management and control of the blockchain and the entire project itself is Cardano Foundation. But what is the Cardano Foundation? And what are its characteristics? Cardano Foundation is no less than an independent non-profit organization. Its headquarters are in Switzerland, more precisely in the city of Zug, and its task is to oversee and supervise the entire activity of the Cardano platform. All this takes place through a team of highly qualified experts, and it could not be otherwise: a blockchain of this type needs to be monitored and updated constantly. However, the Cardano ecosystem’s project consists of the foundation of the same name and the union of three companies, corresponding to the name of IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) and Emurgo (in addition to the Cardano Foundation, of course). The ultimate goal of these companies is to ensure the proper and safe development of the entire ecosystem, keeping in mind that the Cardano project can grow and expand rapidly. It must be said that every single company, among those mentioned, has a well-defined task. Cardano Foundation, for example, takes care of the changes regarding the legislation on the blockchain. What are the other characteristics that distinguish the foundation’s work? Let’s examine them in detail.

The role of the Cardano Foundation Company

As previously mentioned, Cardano Foundation actively collaborates with different jurisdictions on the regulation of blockchain activities. This is essential to ensure that ecosystems such as that of Cardano can expand without encountering obstacles and make sure that everything happens lawfully. And not only.

Cardano Foundation also deals with the changes related to the status of commercial standards and makes the Cardano protocol available to all those users who, belong to the platform community, and need to solve everyday problems of various kinds. To make all this possible, the foundation was conceived in such a way as to have a large team available and distributed in different countries, and geographical areas with different needs from one place to another.

To give an idea of ​​the breadth of the organization, it is sufficient to underline that Cardano Foundation shows off an extremely diversified team made up of personalities from 24 different countries. The team members are located in 15 countries around the world, belonging to 4 different continents: this gives an idea of ​​the breadth of the foundation and how its work produces significant effects on a global scale.

The choice to operate similarly is due to the willingness, on the part of the foundation, to identify talent anywhere in the world, without distinction between one country and another. The ultimate goal of the Cardano Foundation is still to grow, expanding the operational team with adequate and diversified staff, an eventuality that becomes possible by making changes in an increasingly large number of countries around the world.

The Cardano Foundation team

The validity of the Cardano Foundation’s work is due to the team of specialists behind the functioning of the organization. The company is characterized by a classic pyramid hierarchy, with the president, vice president, directors, etc. Each personality within the foundation has very specific purposes, and this gives an idea of ​​how the organization is perfectly structured. At the top of the Cardano Foundation is Nathan Kaiser, president of the company. Under him are a vice president and several council members: the first Manmeet Singh, the others respond to the name of Domino Burki, Tamara Haasen, and Nicolás Arqueros. All five are part of the Foundation Council, the Board of the Foundation, and the body of the Cardano Foundation responsible for making managerial decisions regarding the company’s progress. Below are equally fundamental members, all responsible, in various capacities, for the correct evolution of the Cardano project. For example, in the Operations area, there is the CEO Frederik Gregaard, the Chief Growth Officer – a sort of marketing director – Eva Oberholzer, the general secretary Hinrich Pfeifer, and many others, at the head of the various levels of the company. According to a well-defined hierarchy. No less relevant is the PR & Communications area, which deals with business issues relating to the organization’s contacts with customers, stakeholders, and the like. Finally, the Community Management. The area in question includes members of the company such as Content Creator and Community Managers, personalities who deal with the management of the community and the creation of content for customers.

Some examples of projects promoted by the Cardano Foundation

The role of the Cardano Foundation can also be recognized by taking into account the numerous international projects that the foundation itself has launched over the years. Cardano’s projects have different purposes but always revolve around the blockchain system. An example is given by the important work of the foundation in Africa, where Cardano has been working since 2017. The intention to reach the African continent, and actively collaborate for its development, is due to the choice of Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano. Africa needs greater financial inclusion globally, and the Foundation intends to work to ensure greater support for the continent from this point of view. Particularly interesting is the collaboration undertaken with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education, where IOHK, one of the three companies behind the Cardano project, will create blockchain-based digital profiles for 5 million students and teachers. This is a particularly large number, which represents the largest blockchain distribution in the world. This gives the idea of ​​how the Cardano Foundation is constantly expanding, embracing increasingly different realities. The blockchain system will be useful for various aspects related to the school world. An example is the monitoring of student performance, with grade checks that will become simpler and faster. In general, however, the Cardano ecosystem will aim to promote education throughout the country: progress, after all, always starts from the bottom.

The decentralization phase of the project

Equally interesting is Cardano’s action from the point of view of expanding the operating community. Starting in the autumn of 2020, for example, the foundation began sharing its “Delegation Methodology”, that is, the constant expansion of the decentralization process of the blockchain. The Foundation’s goal is to ensure that the entire Cardano ecosystem is increasingly decentralized to allow the entire community to thrive more quickly. Thanks to the Shelley phase, this will be made possible, corresponding precisely, to decentralizing the Cardano project. The operations in question will allow the blockchain to grow freely, and increase significantly, which is a symptom of a solid and robust community. In addition to this, the consolidation and expansion of the Cardano ecosystem are the symptoms of a wealth of talents present within the blockchain project.


We have seen the role of the Cardano Foundation company. The strength is also given by the foundation’s willingness to actively support the community members, as in the case of the success achieved by the Stake Pool School, which saw over 3,000 people participate, allowing them to fully complete the dedicated course. It is practically certain that Cardano will continue its development by further expanding its offer, and intervening in different contexts such as those mentioned above. All this will happen thanks to the foundation’s ability to invest intelligently, working to promote the integration of the realities most in difficulty.

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