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What is Pasta Pool?

We believe in the same principles as Cardano: scalability, interoperability and sustainability. We believe that the formal method of Cardano’s platform is the right formula for an ecosystem to achieve strong and long-lasting foundations.

Our long-term mission is to support the decentralization proposed by the project and to provide free information that can easily be accessed by anyone around the globe.

If you think you want to support our own project, feel free to delegate to our staking pool.

You may delegate even a small part of your Cardano, every contribution is precious for us.


stable servers cardano staking pasta pool


We follow the highest security standards to avoid downtime times, optimize security and service uptime.

experience team cardano staking pasta pool


Our team members have 20+ years of experience in Information Technology.

rewards staking cardano staking pasta pool

99% TO YOU

To maximize your profits we have set our margins to only 1% so that our delegators will receive the remaining 99% of the rewards.

We are committed on a daily basis to offering you a reliable and quality service. During our career, we gained many years of experience in this field and we adopted a series of security measures to guarantee a reliable and quality service.

1% margins ultimately means less for us and more for you. This is not our daily job, this is solely driven by passion. We love what we do and we want to give you our best.

Technical Specs


8 vCPU Cores


800 GB SSD

600 Mbit/s Port

DDos protected

VPN network

Firewall protected

Our servers’ tech specs are well beyond the requirements of the Ouroboros protocol; this is to easily manage potential updates.

We make use of 1 producer node + backup and 2 relay nodes so that the network won’t be impacted in case of node downtime.

In addition, we have 24/7 monitoring to alert us of anything happening in real-time.

About Us

Our team consists of two developers with 20+ years of experience in Information Technology. We are based in Italy and Australia while our servers are distributed around the world.

We share the same passion for Cardano as all the freelancers around the world who have been collaborating with us on this project, Pasta Pool. We would like to thank those who will decide to delegate and support our staking pool.

You may delegate even a small part of your Cardano, every contribution is precious for us.

Stake with us

1. Install Daedalus or Yoroi
Install one of the official Cardano’s wallet, you can download Daedalus or Yoroi on your device.
2. Create your own wallet
Create (or restore) your wallet and send your ADA onto your newly created wallet.
3. Delegate to Pasta Pool

Start delegating to us choosing [PASTA] from the list of available pools.

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