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With this article, we will analyze in detail the Byron phase of Cardano. If, on the other hand, you want to learn more about the other phases, you can find the articles below:

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Goguen phase: the creation of protocols for smart contracts will be achieved, expanding the uses of Cardano to a wider audience.
Voltaire phase: the governance of Cardano will be developed with complete self-sustainability in the network from both a technological and an economic point of view.


What exactly is the Cardano cryptocurrency roadmap all about? What is the era of Basho? In summary, this phase has been defined as that of optimization. The aim is to increase the scalability and operation of the network.

While previous eras of development focused more on new features, as well as decentralization, Basho aims to significantly improve application growth and usage, so as to support an ever-increasing volume of transactions and thus involve a large number of investors.

In this article, we will closely study the Basho phase of the Cardano cryptocurrency roadmap which has been successfully developed, i.e. in line with what was forecast.

The Cardano cryptocurrency roadmap for realizing the future economy

As known, the roadmap of the Cardano cryptocurrency provides a roadmap that is divided into 5 distinct eras: Byron, Shelley, Goguen, Basho, and Voltaire, whose names, not surprisingly, are precisely those of well-known exponents of the art, of the technique and of science.

Each phase has specific objectives, which provide for articulated developments and implementations to give life to the economy of the future. All the eras are carried out in sequence and in some cases overlap each other appropriately, as they are linked by the same common denominator.

The foundation of the project, namely Byron, opened the door to the subsequent Shelley decentralization, and then landed on smart contracts with Goguen.

The Basho phase of Cardano

At this point, in parallel, the Basho era took hold, whose main purpose was to introduce sidechain inputs. In essence, the intent was resolved in the addition of new interoperable blockchains, in order to extend the capabilities of the network.
Thanks to Basho, the side chains will lead to an improvement on the main one and can be validly used to introduce new experiments, all without compromising the security of the blockchain. In essence, the aim is to obtain an overall enhancement of the Ouroboros protocol, as well as a treasury model capable of effectively supporting the network.

The Cardano cryptocurrency roadmap and the Basho era also envisage the use of parallel accounting sites. The main Cardano blockchain will continue to leverage the UTXO model, while account-based models will support sidechain entries. The result will be fluid interoperability for Cardano, also because in this way it will be possible to add new methods of use that affect the entire network.

In terms of the roadmap of the Cardano cryptocurrency, however, it must be pointed out that defining with a certain precision the starting point and the end of each era, including Basho, is rather complicated and even wrong. In fact, it would be more appropriate to think of the individual phases as parts of a single project, in which clear and marked temporal definitions are missing. We know that Byron began in 2017, following a two-year study and research.

The entire chain evolved and was updated until 2020, at which time the transaction to Shelley began. Goguen then instead recorded three decisive events: Allegra in December 2020, Mary, and Alonzo. Since everything developed in parallel, it is not wrong to argue that Goguen is also part of those 5 years that were necessary for Shelley to emerge.

The Cardano cryptocurrency roadmap and ethical growth

One of the most important features of Basho is certainly Hydra which may also require various unexpected interventions and improvements in the future. This is why it is believed by many that Cardano can completely enter the hands of the community, probably not before the end of 2022, or that this date could slip further. Hydra will make Cardano even more authoritative and allow for better integration of smart contracts. In other words, the Basho era will make Cardano one of the most performing and flexible blockchain platforms in recent years.

In this phase, we will try to create a network infrastructure capable of scaling not only in a sustainable way but also in a safe way. In this way, it will be possible to integrate increasingly sophisticated functions which will not, however, affect the reliability of the central network. According to the latest weekly reports, the Cardano team, after launching the P2P network, took care of managing wallet reset phrases and introducing an alert for sending ADA. Also, a decimal digit value has been implemented for native tokens.

Since its inception, Cardano has therefore continued to stand out for its clear instructions, but also as a reliable project destined to last over time. In Ouroboros, at present, new aspects can be identified that are not found in other PoS systems, i.e. time intervals that have a duration of just one second. This creates a decentralized production system that offers maximum protection against those participants who try to subvert the protocol.

It should be noted that the Cardano developers guarantee that all the technology underlying the project is always subjected to rigorous and meticulous study, in which nothing is left to chance. This means that any network-related solution inevitably requires time and maximum attention. Thanks to this type of approach, many of the possible future problems can be identified in advance, precisely to avoid any possible inconvenience that could undermine the stability of the network.

In light of what has emerged, it is possible to argue that Ouroboros aims to grow in an ethical and sustainable way as much as possible. The Cardano project not only consumes less than the competitor Bitcoin but also allows for more active participation of users, thanks to the ADA rewards system. Consequently, this methodology helps to preserve all the security of the blockchain.

Conclusions: The Basho phase of Cardano

We have seen in detail the Basho phase of Cardano. Those who follow the development with passion are not very worried about the timing still necessary or about the possible future enhancement of Basho. Even making definitive forecasts seems to be of little use and profit, because much depends on social dynamics and the behavior of investors.

What can be certain at present is that the Cardano cryptocurrency roadmap is based on the work of developers committed to giving a new twist to economic transactions.

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